EleƝa Baveli is a Greek businesswoman, entrepreneur, winemaker, oenologist, designer, shareholder and investor. She is the first winemaker in the world to launch such a project concerning WINE.


She produces the premium boutique LAPO dry rose organic wine.  Furthermore, she designs her ” wine diamond jewellery collection” inspired from wine culture, as well as her paintings out of her own long-aged red wines. She is a world citizen, having already visited 100 countries and having lived in 4 continents. Switzerland, London, Athens, New York, California, Australia, Latin America and Cape Town.


LAPO rose wine


LΛΡΟ dry rose wine, is an outstanding member of the wine club, created with true passion for wine trips, modern winemaking, beautiful aromas and nature. A premium and exclusive limited edition Greek rose, that consists of Moschofilero variety and some fine drops of Agiorgitiko.


A tribute to elegance, fine drinking and to unique earth flavours. This bottle consists of a globe-trotting lifestyle that was expressed in a winemaking process, which was exclusively focused on a Greek unique organic vineyard, in order to create a masterpiece. There is only a hand crafted limited run of 700 bottles from Lapo boutique collection. Every bottle has its own selected number code and a gold karat design on the bottle.


LΛΡΟ is made from carefully selected organic grapes of Greek origin. Grapes with pink skin, rich spicy character and excellent acidity. It reveals intense flavours of rose and fresh pomegranate. Fine hints of red grape fruit before a cool refreshing finish.




All EleƝa BAVELI diamond creations are related to wine culture and they are made out of unique stones. Fine pieces of art, designed with perfection and unrivalled beauty. Each collection has been designed to amplify the striking natural beauty of our exquisite gems.

Amazing diamonds, technical mastery and pure artistry come together in this wine jewellery collection. Discover our luxury haute joaillerie and indulge in our premium designs.” Check out and find out our NIKI Diamond Collection.




Wine and art are two different fields strongly connected. Wine is an edgy and elegant form of art. Furthermore, art can be defined by wine. And this is where they meet each other, in the “wine art” atelier EleƝa BAVELI. These paintings are exclusively made out of 100% wine and no other substances have been used.

EleƝa baveli started painting when she was 5 years old. Through years of travelling all around the world, tasting different wines from all regions and appreciating art in all its forms, the idea of painting with wine was inevitably born. This call, derives from a natural desire for using Eco-friendly colours, without any chemical additions. Moreover, painting with wine can be an intriguing and vivid process. Wine gets matured on the canvas, similarly to bottle ageing. However, it happens faster on paintings and can be profoundly visible because of active colour changing.

Colours evolve from one palette to another, as time goes by. All these changes can be easily noticed.  From red to blue. From orange to brown. From pink to purple. It is amazing what oxidation is able to create. Red wines that start out in a richer red colour, will actually lessen their strength. White wines, which are more luminous, will go darker thanks to polymeric chains. There is much of poetry in wine. It is trully extraordinary when pieces of art are alive and able to express themselves. Able to adapt to enviromental conditions, able to speak and interact with us. And this is exactly that definition of art. Creation and communication of feelings and ideas.




She was born in Greece. She grew up studying music and horse-riding around her family’s vineyards. Somehow, that was how her great love for wine was born.She knew from then on, that there would always be a religious attachment to wine, which, as a family heritage, passed from generation to generation, and finally reached her.


And it did not take long to appear. When she was 18, she was awarded with that year’s first Greek Oenology scholarship.In this way, she first studied Oenology in Athens and in Portugal. She after studied marketing in New York and wine varieties in Sydney, Australia. She used to write wine articles in several magazines during her studies.

She started amplifying her wine horizons, working in boutique wineries and wine companies all over the world. New Zealand, Patagonia, California, New York, South Africa, Buenos Aires and Mendoza-Argentina.


She loves traveling the world. From French Polynesia to Uzbekistan and from Gambia to Los Angeles. Her favourite place in the world is pacific islands. She has a passion into wine, sports, projects, reflections and meditation. She is a yacht and surf lover, a diamond Connoisseuse, an art collector, and a semi marathon runner.


EleƝa Baveli message 


I didn’ t choose a career, but a lifestyle. Lifestyle is how you desire to live. It is about what you are passioned about and how you pursue that passion. It is how you choose to share yourself and resources.


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